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The Last Waltz approacheth

It is coming . . . the most fun night of the year! Join a bunch of hooligans, misfits, and the hooligans and misfits of the Sadie Hawkins Day String Band as we celebrate the music of The Band at…

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An American Folk Event

Traditional instrumental melodies & homegrown vocal harmonies on old folk ballads, banjo songs, & old country standards of love & heartbreak, moonshine & madness, murder & mayhem, trucks & trains, & random oddments. We go old-school on Americana for sure, but don't be surprised to hear us do something from Neil Young or The Band once in a while. That’s how we roll. Influences: Lovers, laughers, gamblers, fighters, drinkers, dancers, hobos, jokers, tricksters, organizers, agitators, and ... oh wait, did you mean musical influences? All of 'em. Or none of 'em. All or none. Our motto: mirth, merriment and mischief are the mission, and music is the method!

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Oh Me,Oh My! Album:

Sadie Hawkins Day String Band: Oh Me, Oh My! It
Sadie Hawkins Day String Band: Oh Me, Oh My! It

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