Our Story

Sadie Hawkins Day is a folk music quintet out of St. Louis, MO. Drawing on a shared love of traditional music we bring our unique twist of old time, bluegrass, blues and folk to audiences. We believe music should be fun and we want our listeners to have a toe-tappin good time.

Sadie Hawkins Day consists of sisters Anne and Colleen Williamson, musician about town Dave Black, banjo man Dan Higgins, and the versatile Thomas Coriell. Colleen is an award winning hammered dulcimer player and when she is in a honky tonk kind of mood will add dobro into the mix. The sisters played in local country group The Lulus and love to sing songs by Loretta Lynn, Emmylou Harris and other great female artists. Dave Black is one of the most prominent St.Louis musicians on the scene. While guitar is his main axe of choice he also plays mandolin and wows audiences with his musicality and ability. He is a veteran of the St. Louis music scene and his name is known not only in the city but nationally as well. Banjo player, Dan Higgins, brings the old time twang of claw hammer banjo and beautiful harmony singing to the group. Playing music since 1968 he has played a variety of instruments in groups such as the Wild Peccary and Tapir Club, Impromptu Pants, The Bloated Plovers, The Hot Baloney Boys, Smuggler's Cargo, and The Raw Earth Experience. Like his father and grandfather before him, Thomas Coriell is passionate about playing country music with family and friends. Thomas' energetic and upside down approach to guitar, mandolin, and fiddle playing have been on display at many a St Louis honky tonk for the last fifteen years. Thomas always has a blast playing music, especially with SHD! 

Songs of heartbreak, rough living, good times, and good people all find a home in our repetoire. Our first album, Oh Me, Oh My! was released in April 2014 and is available on Pandora, itunes and Amazon.com.  We look forward to chasing after good tunes and good times and bringing them to audiences everywhere.

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Sadie Hawkins Day String Band, now officially a quintet!